The acoustic performance evaluation software
Technal software TechAcoustic

The acoustic performance evaluation software


Reliable, TechAcoustic is the only market tool to provide an evaluation* within 1 dB of accuracy for any composition (dimensions and glazing), which is equivalent to a laboratory-based test.
This not only saves time but provides architects and builders with a means of measuring the savings made and allows them to achieve their desired performance levels in just a few clicks.
This cutting-edge software can also create models for complex assemblies (window on a sill with fixed side lights) and large-sized joinery.


1- Cost optimisation:
Help with choosing the most appropriate range and glazing to achieve the desired levels of acoustic performance. It is no longer necessary to choose over-performing and expensive glazing.

2- Ease of use:
Thanks to its intuitive and ergonomic interface, you don’t need to be an expert in acoustics to evaluate the performance of a window.

3- Scope of application:
With TECHACOUSTIC, you can obtain the acoustic performance of the joinery regardless of the size or type of infill, and also in the case of a complex units (several opening and fixed sections), and always with the same degree of accuracy.

4- Accuracy:
The complexity of the computational algorithms guarantees a result with an accuracy of +/- 1 dB, which is similar to the results obtained in other laboratories.

5- Speed of evaluation:
It takes just a few clicks to define the joinery to be evaluated and the result is instantaneous.


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