Certificates and regulations

Quality/ Enivironmental - Certificates

We assure our quality and fulfil our ambitions in the field of environmental protection through the following quality documents and certificates (pdf):

Fire Swedish Technical Approval SC0836-14
Wall and Door partition 2086 EI 30

Fire Swedish Technical Approval SC1457-16
Door partition 2086 EI 60

Fire Swedish Technical Approval 1199/94
Wall and Door partition 2050 and 2060 E30, A30, EI15, EI30

P-marking 144502 Issued by the Rise Research Institutes Of Sweden (RISE) in BorĂ¥s

Management System Certificate EN ISO 9001

Environmental Policy

General Terms of Sales and Delivery

Download "General Terms of Sales and Delivery" as pdf.

Transportation Cradles Manuals

To minimize the risk of incorrect handling of Sapa transportation cradles and contribute to a safe and accident free handling, we kindly ask our customers to observe the below mentioned directions carefully:

Sapa Transportation Cradle Manual - Handling of Cradles
Sapa Transportation Cradle Manual - Return of Cradles