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Torvbråten Skole is the new benchmark for future schools - BBC even made a documentary about it

Universally designed to accommodate everyone – Torvbråten Skole is a place both for learning, and to learn from. There’s sometimes a narrow sliver on cognitive development, traditional subjects such as match and reading are often thought of when it comes to children’s education. Learning is not only academic, it’s also social and emotional. The school set high environmental standards, both regarding the environmental architecture and social sustainability.
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Aiming towards an urban community - a technical demanding bathhouse is built by local benefactors in Ålesund

Working with real estate development, one need’s to be able to wear many hats. To know a little bit about everything is important since the business isn’t solely about a building – it’s about the entire community evolving around it. In this business, one needs to think about location, purpose and never the least sustainability. We’ve been fortunate to have been involved with local pioneers when delivering products to a new bathhouse in Ålesund. While it might seem as a very regular building project, there’s much more to be told about the story.
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Lindesberg Hälsocenter maximize natural light with an indoor park framed with glass facades and glass roof

The architecture of well-being is not something new. Some would say it already started in the beginning of early 20th century as a part of the modern movement. Healthy housing was a core concept already then, and a lot of buildings were built in the endeavor to improve well-being through design. The common thread of this type of architecture is copious amounts of natural light, views of the outside and the use of top modern technology. Lindesberg Hälsocenter is no exception, the building was designed with modern technology tools such as daylight simulation, energy calculations and analyses of microclimate etc.
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