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The folding door- Open corner

The versatile folding door

Thermal efficiency
Quick installation
Homogeneous appearance
Large sizes

AMBIAL is a folding door that blurs the line between outside and inside, and creates a huge space that takes advantage of the light.

With a durable and accurate design, AMBIAL guarantees good thermal and acoustic performance, and a high wind and water resistance.

The folding door can be designed with up to 10 door leaves for an opening that is 3x12 meters.

AMBIAL can be constructed in a straight line, or as a corner solution with floating corners.

With a profile depth of 75 mm and powerful wheels on double rails, each door leaf can carry a maximum weight of 150 kg.

This product is made of Hydro CIRCAL® recycled aluminum. Read more here 

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Product benefits


  • Max dimensions up to W 12m x H 3m in 10-leaf and up to W 1.2m x H 3m / leaf
  • Max weight up to 150 kg / leaf
  • Glass infill from 9 to 59 mm


  • From 2 to maximum 10-leaf
  • Outer corner solution with inward or outward
  • opening: Inner corner available upon request
  • Opening from the centre or from one side


  • Operation force: Class 1 (less than 100 N)
  • Mechanical strength: Class 3
  • Thermal performances: Uw = 0.95 W/m²K (Ug= 0.5 W/m²K) (5 leafs W 6000 mm x H 3000 mm)
  • Acoustic attenuation: up to Rw(C;Ctr) 42dB(-1;-5)


  • Endurance: 50000 cycles (3 leafs of 150 kg)
  • Corrosion resistant hardware: Grade 5 (420h in saline mist)
  • Air permeability: Class 4
  • Water tightness: Class E750
  • Wind pressure resistance: Class C3

More information

Fitting Functions

Dimensions and clear dimension

Max. dimensions: W x H 1200 x 3000 mm per leaf, i.a. a maximum width of 12 m and 2–10 door leaf for corner version.

· Weight: max. 150 kg per door leaf.

Glass thickness: 9–59 mm.

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Drawing texts

The texts are intended to help the specifiers to define which systems, fittings, glazing units, surface treatment alternatives and functions are required. They are later used by the licensed fabricators during the production of the finished products.

Download the text as .dwg
Download the text as .pdf


  • Completely flush appearance in closed position Plant and clean appearance in closed position
  • Concealed drainage to give a uniform overall appearance, even when open
  • Upper steering brackets and lower wheel brackets are covered to give a uniform overall appearance
  • Exclusively designed, ultra-flat handle and key
  • Great creative freedom thanks to the large range of configurations




Threshold options

Threshold alternatives and principle details


Inward                                                                   Outward


Flush threshold solution


Internal test in line with EN 14351-1​

Water tightness: 100 Pa (3A)​

Air tightness:    Class 3​




Size (B x H)

Uw with Ug = 0.6

triple glass

Uw with Ug = 0.5

Varm edge, triple glass

Uw with Ug = 1.0

double glass


3450 x 2180 mm

1.4 W/m²K

1.2 W/m²K

1.6 W/m²K


6000 x 3000 mm

1,3 W/m²K

0.95 W/m²K

1.6 W/m²K


6900 x 2180 mm

1,3 W/m²K

1.1 W/m²K

1.6 W/m²K


11500 x 2180 mm

1,3 W/m²K

1.1 W/m²K

1.6 W/m²K