SAPA 4150

SSG - Structural Sealant Glazing

Structural Sealant Glazing curtain walling


The 4150 SSG, Structural Glazing facade system, consists of 50 mm wide insulated aluminium mullions and transoms. The system is based on double glazing units with a warm edge and a specially developed mounting profile for installation fittings. The glass panes are anchored in the mullions and transoms with the help of installation fittings. The weather seal between the glass panes is done with the use of an approved sealing compound, usually black. The design of the inside gasket and the insulating strip optimises the insulation of the profiles.

The mullions are designed so as to ensure stability under the dimensioning loads and are joined together with hidden joints. The system also includes opening units, which can be easily integrated. The U value of a facade must be calculated for the entire facade.

This product is made of Hydro CIRCAL® recycled aluminum. Read more here


Product benefits


  • Well-insulated profiles.
  • Opening window with hidden sash.
  • Doors Hinge type and sliding doors can be easily be integrated.


  • Classified According to applicable EN standards.


  • Several mullions and transoms Rectangular (profile depth 35-300 mm), I- and T-shaped profiles give a lot of freedom in interior design.

More information

Fitting Functions

Infill panels

Infill panel


Unprotected glazed surfaces that can be reached by persons shall be designed to limit the risk of injury. Such glazed surfaces shall be dimensioned so as to withstand the dynamic influence of a person. Applicable standards and requirements should be taken into account.

The illustration shows the different functional dimensions commonly used by the window industry and established by the MTK. The gaskets are made of EPDM rubber and are available in several versions.

Opening units

The facade system can be easily complemented with 4074 outward opening windows and 2086 doors.

The 4074 window system is suitable for integrating in the facade system. The outward opening windows can be provided with fittings for either horizontal or vertical projecting function.

The 2086 door system includes inward and outward opening, single or double leaf doors. Entrance sliding doors are also available.

- Profile depth 84 mm
- Insulated aluminium profiles
- Rebate for double glazing units

U values for glass facades

Formula for calculating the total U value of a facade, taking into account the glazing unit, the share of profiles and the edge zone effect the linear factor.

Ucw = ( Ag * Ug + Af * Uf + Ig * ψg )  /  ( Ag + Af )

Elevations And Details

A4150-1051 10111617781828384
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A4150-1058 110163
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A4150-1048 101417212223313234
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A4150-1052 101216212223313234
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A4150-1057 110163
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A4150-1016 110121314162212223345681828384
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A4150-1049 11012121635
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Projects using facades SAPA 4150



Contractor: Lindesberg's Bygg AB
Architect: SWECO Architects AB och PE Teknik & Arkitektur AB
Metal builder: Rockpart AB
SAPA-Products: Facade 4150 and fire door 2086

Tramway, Lund


Developer: Region Skåne / Lunds Kommun
Construction contractor: NCC Building Sweden
Metal builder: Alab Aluman AB
SAPA solutions: Facade 4150, Doorr 2086, Window 1086

Lindesberg Hälsocenter


Architect: White Architects
Metal builder: Glaslindberg Facade
Products: Facade SAPA: 4150, Roof: SAPA 5050, Doors SAPA 2086 & SAPA 2050
Photo: Åke E:son Lindman &White 

World Maritime University, Malmö

Building: World Maritime University
Location: Malmö. Year of construction: 2013–2015
Architect: Terroir & Kim Utzon Arkitekter A/S
Fabricator: Preconal Fasad AB
Developer: Stadsfastigheter, City of Malmö

Facades: Sapa Facade 4150
Doors: Sapa Door 2074

Photography: Hans Bonnevier

Eagle view, Parveke, Finland

Building: Hotell Iso-Sy.te
Location: Syöte, Finland
Building year: 2014
Architect: Harri Lindroos, arkitekt safa ARKTON Suunnitteluryhm. Oy
Fabricator: Alutec Oy

Facades: Sapa Facade 4150
Roof Glazing: Sapa Roof Glazing 5050

Photography: Tiina Törmänen

District Heating Power Plant, Vojen

Facility: Vojens Fjernverme
Place: Vojens, Danmark
Construction year: 2011
Architect: Tegnestuen Mejeriet A/S
Fabricator: Ejnar Christiansen Sølsted A/S
Proprietor: Jorton A/S, Rødekro

Facades: Sapa 4150
Glazed roof: Sapa 5050
Doors: Sapa 2074
Windows: Sapa 1074
Surface finish: Clear anodised

Photography: Jan Møller Madsen